Courses: Be The Best Version of You

Dieting or exercise, study or work, sport or health, our psychology affects everything we do.  Yet few of us are taught how to harness the power of our mind to support us to be at our best more of the time.

This 1-day course explains in easy to understand terms how our psychology affects our behaviour and performance.  Drawing on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a very practical approach to psychology and communication), you will learn simple proven effective techniques that will help you to


  • be in a more confident state more of the time
  • set realistic and motivating goals, and achieve them
  • improve self esteem
  • reduce doubt and anxiety

Who should attend?  Anyone who wants to be more at their best more of the time. The course is suitable for both newcomers to NLP and those with some experience who want to access useful techniques and resources to make real changes that last.

Trainers: Alison Williams and Uzma Raziq, experienced NLP Master Practitioners and trainers with ‘NLP in the Northwest’, a long established provider of NLP training, with a reputation for delivering courses that are easily understood, enjoyable, and practical.

Times:  This workshop runs from 9.30am – 4.30pm on the days specified on course calendar (see below)

Fee:  £75

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A big thank you to both of you for this course. My life seems filled with so many more options and opportunities. I feel like I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy! – H.R.

… the training I’ve received is the clearest I’ve ever had – K.L.

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