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Not able to attend live courses? We have made key content of the below courses available on Teachable as engaging bite-size lessons. Click the Teachable buttons to go to the course on our online training site. Selected content is also available on DVD from our online shop.


NB! Online courses or DVD courses are not INLPTA certified. For our certified live training courses please click here.

Practical Wellbeing: Self help psychology with everyday NLP, £25. An introductory course explaining concepts, principles and techniques from NLP that can enhance well-being both personally and professionally. This course will help you to ….

  • Understand what makes people ‘tick’,
  • Better manage your own thinking & emotion and behaviour
  • Understand and work better with others, and
  • Be more effective, and clearer about the things you want in life.

2.5 hours content in 30+ bite sized video sessions, supported by graphics and PDF resources for download.

NLP Foundations Using edited video footage of taught content from a live 4 day NLP Foundation Diploma, this course explains in more detail the principles and models that NLP is based on, and introduces a range of foundation skills and techniques. The course is suitable both for people new to NLP, and those who have already attended some training who want to deepen their understanding and find ways of explaining NLP to others.

NLP Allsorts, FREE. A collection of bite sized tasters covering various aspects of NLP.

Understanding kids’ behaviour with Schema, £30. With edited video footage of a one day course this programme introduces the role of Schema in child development, and how they can be used by teachers and parents to make sense of, and influence the behaviour of children (and adults too!).

Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA), £30. TA is a model of human behaviour, communication and relationships. It offers valuable frameworks for us to better understand and influence interactions and styles. Using professionally edited footage from a live one day workshop, this programme introduces key concepts from TA, and their uses in everyday life, and in the workplace.

With over 2 hours video content in lessons, printable PDF handouts, plus worksheets and questionnaires used during the workshop, and online quizzes to assist learning, the course offers a great introduction to Transactional Analysis.

Working with Cravings and Addiction, £30. This online course uses edited video extracts from a one day workshop delivered by Malcolm Bray, a highly skilled and experienced substance misuse therapist. Malc explains the Cycle of Change as a framework for working towards recovery, and describes and demonstrates the use of NLP language patterns and change techniques at different stages on the cycle.

Understanding values with NLP & Spiral Dynamics, £15. Values govern all human behaviour. They are the key to predicting and understanding our own and others behaviour. Videoed at a presentation by Alan Johnson to an NLP course, this programme offers a brief introduction to ‘Spiral Dynamics’ as a way of understanding individual, group, and societal values. It is intended to offer a brief insight and awareness into what is a detailed, complex, and fascinating approach to human behaviour, and to societal change and evolution.

An Introduction to Clean Space, £30. This programme introduces ‘Clean Space’, and other aspects of the work of the late David Grove. A renowned therapist, David’s groundbreaking developments in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge offer profound and powerful approaches that can assist people to change. Using edited footage from a two day live training, the course explains how we store memory and emotion in space and body position, and shows how ‘Clean’ approaches assist the client to change without the coach / therapist having to interpret the client’s words.

NLP Practitioner series, £25 per module. Taught content of the NLP nine module NLP Practitioner course, available module by module.

Clean Language & Systemic Modelling edited footage of a  short course by Caitlin Walker presenting simple exercises for the practise and application of Clean Language.

I have to say that from all the study I have been involved in regarding people, organisational development, learning and development and HR practice, never has something made so much sense so simply and practically. I’m hooked! – G.C.

Amazing stuff, don’t know how I managed without it – I.C.

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