Courses: NLP Foundation Diploma

Held over 4 days, Foundation Diploma training introduces the principles on which Neuro Linguistic Programming is based and teaches foundation skills and techniques including:

  • understanding perception, thinking, communication and behaviour
  • the keys to effectiveness
  • working to outcomes and creating motivating futures
  • reading non verbal signals,
  • enhancing rapport and developing influence
  • dealing constructively with interpersonal differences
  • accessing positive feelings at will, and dealing with negative emotions
  • enhancing personal performance

Professionally edited course content also available at and on DVD from our online shop        

Attendance at the four day Foundation Diploma programme is available for £425 if sponsored by employers, discounted to £325 if self funding.


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I have completed numerous training courses over the course of my career, but no other seemed to make as much sense to me as the NLP Foundation Course. I know it will make a massive difference to my day to day life and I have now formed long term goals for my future making me feel a lot more confident and content. The surroundings, facilitating and like minded people on the course made it a joy. Thank you for giving me a new lease of life. – C.T.

Truly powerful programme with loads of practical ideas… – W.B

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