Courses: Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Advanced Training

Integral Eye Movement Therapy or IEMT is an effective, content free rapid change process for dealing with trauma and other negative emotions. It can also be used as a generative tool for identity level change. The Advanced Practitioner course builds on skills learned in the Certified Practitioner course. 

Trainer Alan Johnson is an experienced trainer of NLP and a certified Advanced IEMT trainer. He is passionately interested in the contribution NLP and IEMT can make towards personal or professional change work.

For more information about IEMT click here to visit the IEMT website

Attendance at the two day Advanced IEMT course is available for £375 if sponsored by employers, discounted to £275 if self funding.

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I used this, quite spontaneously with a friend & her “issue” went from an 8 to a 1 in less than a minute. It was a big current issue for her, taking someone to a tribunal for bullying in the workplace. The look on her face was priceless, like “where’s it gone?” She didn’t want the 1 taken away (ecology check), as she wanted the small reminder. – R.M.

Can certainly recommend the IEMT training. I used the PTSD process with a friend. During the process, the ‘lynchpin’ made itself very clearly known, and my friend who had been suffering from chronic severe insomnia for several years found herself getting some good nights’ sleep. Even when she doesn’t sleep, her attitude is very different’ Wow! – A.C.

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