Courses: NLP Master Practitioner

20 days – for Certified Practitioners. Master Practitioner training involves, at a personal level:

  • learning to relish your own uniqueness, recognising your gifts, and developing a compelling sense of your mission;
  • being at your best more of the time to create and take opportunities, and address and thrive on challenges;
  • living and operating from powerful and high level states of personal resourcefulness and empowerment that come with personal alignment and congruence.

And in your work and relationships with others:

  •  supporting generative change using approaches that address beliefs, values and identity level issues;
  •  achieving high level conversational influence
  •  moving beyond behavioural competence in your practice to proficiency and expertise

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A big thank you to both of you for this course. My life seems filled with so many more options and opportunities. I feel like I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy! – H.R.

… the training I’ve received is the clearest I’ve ever had – K.L.

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