Courses: Metaphors of Movement - Level 1

Metaphors of Movement (or MoM) is a new approach to working with stuck states and effective movement towards personal goals. A precision tool that helps clients unearth their ‘metaphorical world’ allows them to recognise how they maintain their problem state.

As a result, clients awaken to their own beliefs, metaphors and stuck points, triggering a series of rapid, self induced results.

If you are a coach, counsellor, therapist, or anyone interested in helping people, MoM is a powerful cutting edge change technique to learn, and one that truly works with the client’s model of the world. You will quickly help generate new solutions to their issues and achieve change where other therapeutic interventions have failed.

On day one of the Level 1 course there will be an Introduction to the Metaphors of Movement process

  • How we make sense of our world through metaphor
  • Knowing where you stand, the starting point
  • Full outline of the MoM process and session structure

On day two of the Level 1 course you will learn the types of Metaphor Groupings (Taxonomies) and how to Create Change

  • The structure of outcomes
  • The Obstructions: external rules and values
  • The Containers: container metaphors, inherited status
  • The Burdens: responsibilities and guilt
  • An awareness of the other elements of Metaphors of Movement

Delivered with an engaging style, the course will include input about the concepts of Metaphors of Movement, explanations, demonstrations, and plenty of opportunities for practice. And, of course, loads of humour and fun.

Trainer Alan Johnson is an experienced trainer of NLP, a certified Advanced IEMT trainer and has watched with interest the development of the Metaphors of Movement approach by its founder Andrew T Austin. Alan is passionately interested in the contribution NLP, IEMT and now MoM can make towards personal or professional change work.

Attendance at the two day MoM Level 1 course is available for £395 if sponsored by employers, discounted to £295 if self funding.


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After working with their own Metaphors of Movement through these models, the experience people generally tend to describe is a sense of being more “awake.” So often we do not pay attention to our own communication, using metaphoric words seemingly at random that are in fact incredibly rich clues into our internal experience and strategies for moving through the world. Through attending to what we are each already saying, and to the underlying metaphoric structure, suddenly the way we maintain our problems is revealed, and we have the choice to change… Andy Austin, Founder of MoM
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