Courses: Spiral Dynamics

Based on the work of Clare Graves, this Spiral Dynamics course run by Alan Johnson offers a framework that helps to understand human values, motivation, and behaviour, and explains WHY we value what we do, and HOW our values influence the way we go about making decisions. Gaining this understanding can help you predict others’ behaviour, and respond in ways that make the most of your interactions.

Professionally edited course content also available at and on DVD from our online shop     

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NB!  Further workshops are not scheduled at this time,  the content of this course, however, has been made available on Teachable and on DVD as above. The content has been professionally edited from a two hour ‘Introduction to Spiral Dynamics’ workshop run by Alan Johnson.

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A big thank you to both of you for this course. My life seems filled with so many more options and opportunities. I feel like I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm and joy! – H.R.
… the training I’ve received is the clearest I’ve ever had – K.L.

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