NLP Videos

To show how NLP techniques can help in everyday situations we’ve created a set of clips taken from our courses. These Everyday NLP videos illustrate how and why we interpret, process and react to given situations in different ways and how NLP can help us to overcome any obstacles. Click below to see the first Everyday NLP video by Chris Grimsley. Our NEW online introductory course Everyday NLP is now available at Udemy. Over 2.5 hours of content in 30+ bite size lessons it’s a perfect introduction to NLP and just £45 for lifetime access. Click the Yellow Button to view the course.

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The Every Day NLP videos are a fantastic resource. They’re easy to understand and follow but give far reaching insights into the behaviour of others. I’ve had incredible ‘lightbulb moments’ as a result when I’ve recognised why someone is acting in a certain way – and I’ve been able to influence situations positively by responding differently. Amazing stuff. – R.K.

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