There are different levels of study within Neuro Linguistic Programming as briefly detailed below. Our NLP courses are INLPTA certified and are generally held over the weekends so are accessible for all. Longer programmes tend to run once a month on consecutive months. For further details please click the relevant Course Buttons below. Courses are held at venues across East Lancashire.  


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View upcoming live training courses on our Course Calendar. Not able to attend live courses? We have made key content and courses available on Teachable as engaging bite size lessons. Click on the icon where applicable. Selected courses are also available on DVD from our online shop. NB! Online courses or DVD courses are not certified.





NLP Foundation Diploma (4 days) introduces the principles on which NLP is based and teaches foundation skills and techniques.

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NLP Foundation

NLP Certified Practitioner (16 days) builds on the skills and techniques introduced by the Foundation Diploma course. 

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NLP Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner (20 days) builds on the skills and techniques introduced by the Certified Practitioner course.

NLP Master Prac

We also offer the following related study courses, often taught by guest trainers. These are wonderful bolt ons to NLP and great for therapists or those who work with others. Availability of these courses may be limited so please contact us if you do not see dates on the Course Calendar.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner course  (2 days) this astonishingly effective technique releases stuck negative emotions and eases traumatic memories (including PTSD)

IEMT Practitioner

Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner course  (2 days) builds on techniques learned in the IEMT Practitioner course and deepens understanding

IEMT Advanced

An Introduction to Metaphors of Movement (2 days) MoM is a new approach to working with stuck clients. By recognising how they maintain their problem state they trigger a series of rapid, self induced results.

MoM Introduction

Clean Language & Systemic Modelling (2 days) a short course by Caitlin Walker presenting simple exercises for the practise and application of Clean Language. 

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Clean Language

Working with Cravings and Addiction (1 day)  a short course run by Malcolm Bray, an experienced therapist who has worked in the substance misuse field for decades.

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An Introduction to Spiral Dynamics short workshop which offers a framework that helps to understand human values, motivation and behaviour.

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Spiral Dynamics

Introduction to Clean Space (2 days)  a short course introducing David Grove’s revolutionary Clean Space process, including an opportunity to experience the therapeutic effects of the Whirlygig

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Clean Space

 nlpnw vimeo  Course content available on Vimeo on demand

nlpnw shop graphic  Course content available on DVD from our online shop

I have to say that from all the study I have been involved in regarding people, organisational development, learning and development and HR practice, never has something made so much sense so simply and practically. I’m hooked! – G.C.

Amazing stuff, don’t know how I managed without it – I.C.

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