Do you have some days when you are ‘on top of your game’, enthused, focused, working at your best?  And other times when its not like that, when life and work seems challenging and overwhelming?  The difference between the two isn’t just what is happening in the outside world.  It’s more to do with what we do on the inside. We can learn how to control what we’re doing, so we have more good days and fewer bad days.

While we are gifted at birth with the most amazing bio-chemical computer, an operator’s manual isn’t provided.  So we learn what we can about how to think, communicate, manage our feelings, and behave through the conscious efforts of parents, family and teachers. Perhaps (and more importantly) we also learn, but not consciously, by modelling or copying thinking patterns and emotional and behavioural responses of others. For some this delivers positive life-enhancing results, for many a mix of good and less useful, while others develop patterns that are limiting personally and socially. These patterns are also influenced by our own responses to our life experiences, and the decisions we make as a result.

Our Psychology affects everything we do ….

and yet few of us are taught to make the most of it. In fact many of us spend more time learning how to use our mobile phones or computers than we do learning how to make the most of the incredible kit we are gifted at birth. And that gift comes with  a lifelong, free contract, and with access to unlimited useful apps!

Learning about how we tick.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is based on simple frameworks that help us understand our psychology, and how we ‘tick’.  Once we understand how we tick, we can learn easy to use techniques that improve the way we think, communicate, behave, learn, and get on with people, so we can be more at our best more of the time. We can have more ‘good days’, and fewer ‘bad days’, and the ‘bad days’ we have can be easier to manage and easier to change.

NLP in the Northwest offers live and online courses designed to help us be more at our best more of the time. Underpinned by the Pareto Principle – focusing on the 20% that gives the 80% of benefit, the courses aim to help us to develop our own ‘inner psychologist’.  They include practical strategies for mental maintenance, psychological keep fit, and emotional first aid that have been tried and tested over many years in live training and 1-1 coaching. The common response from people learning this material is …

Why has no-one ever told me this before!?

When we have effective strategies for managing our own psychology and emotions better, we can have more good days and fewer bad days, develop more positive relationships and be more able to achieve our potential and live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

So if you are interested in learning techniques that help to ….

  • Change unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, so we can manage negative emotional responses better, and access positive states more of the time.
  • Improve how we get on with others, understand and be more tolerant of difference, and manage conflict, and have more influence.
  • Enhance our behaviour and performance by …..
  • dealing with problems more easily
  • creating motivating outcomes
  • practising strategies that develop self esteem.

and much much more …..why not have a look through our site.

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