Clean Language for Change

David Grove’s Metaphor Therapy and Clean Language process offer a powerful, content free approach to change. It can be added into any other set of change work skills: coaching, education, massage, equine therapy, organisational change, physiotherapy, police interviewing – the options are endless.

This workshop run by Caitlin Walker offers a ‘deep dive’ into Clean Language, using the questions for the purpose they were originally intended: therapeutic healing and sustainable change.  As Clean Language teaches “The seeds to your healing are contained in the structure of your symptoms”.

Professionally edited course content available on DVD from our online shop   nlpnw shop graphic

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Caitlin is a leading developer in this field and a close collaborator of David Grove’s. She has taken the work far beyond the boundaries of therapy and applies Clean Questions for the healing and development of groups, organisations and communities. This is a rare opportunity to observe her doing the work that originally inspired her to make Clean Practice the centre of her life and work.

For further information about the symbolic modelling process visit For further info about Caitlin’s work visit watch her TEDX talk about Clean Questions and metaphor Models click here.  

NB!  Further workshops are not scheduled at this time,  the content of this course however has been made available on DVD video as above. The content has been professionally edited from many hours of filming during a two day ‘Clean Language’ retreat with Caitlin Walker. The retreat was open to both clients and observers.

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