Clean Space

Are you interested in adding powerful content free approaches to your toolkit as a coach, facilitator, counsellor or therapist, that can release stuck issues, and help your clients get even better changes?

‘Clean Space’ is a powerful and effective therapeutic process developed by the late David Grove, renowned psychotherapist. Clean Space works from the assumption that much of our experience is stored not in language, but through body position, through location and space. This sort of stored experience is not easily accessible via the talking therapies. The ‘Clean Space’ process helps people to engage their intuition by moving in space, location, and body position, shifting beyond the ‘problem space’ in a way that allows solutions to even intractable issues emerge.

Professionally edited course content also available on Vimeo & DVD  nlpnw vimeo nlpnw shop graphic

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The Vimeo & DVD content has been professionally edited from many hours of filming during a two day ‘Clean Space’ workshop with Shaun Hotchkiss and Chris Grimsley. As well as Clean Space, the workshop includes some of the later processes that came from David Grove’s work, including working with ‘Pronoun Scapes’ to resolve inner conflict, and Therapeutic Space using the ‘Whirlygig’.

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The course took me into uncharted water to explore depth and new dimensions, releasing untapped potential. – M. B.

Get out of your head and into your space! I found lots of keys to my doors that were closed. Thank you all. – L.H.

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