Working with Cravings & Addiction

Malcolm Bray is a very experienced therapist who has worked in the substance misuse field for decades. He uses NLP, and a range of other approaches to achieve unusual levels of success in helping people.

During this workshop, Malc explains the Cycle of Change as a framework for working towards recovery, and describes and demonstrates the use of NLP language patterns and change techniques at different stages on the cycle.

Professionally edited course content also available on Vimeo & DVD   nlpnw vimeo nlpnw shop graphic

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NB!  Further workshops are not scheduled at this time,  the content of this course however has been made available on Vimeo on Demand and on DVD video as above. The content has been professionally edited from many hours of filming during a one day ‘Working with Cravings and Addiction’  course run by Malcolm Bray.

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Testimonial needed! – R.K.

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