Chakra Balancing – CD Version


Chakra Balancing Visualisation: a guided visualisation that helps balance and align the flow of subtle energies in your body. It does this in a way that grounds you and connects you to the infinite possibilities that surround us.


Eastern thought holds that there are centres called Chakras within our bodies that act as regulators of our subtle energies. Located at different points throughout the body, each of the seven Chakras has its own attributes and influences on our wellbeing. Like valves, Chakras open and close in response to our experiences, thoughts, and feelings. They can become blocked through physical and emotional upsets. When blocks occur, the disruption in the smooth flow of energy can adversely affect our functioning and wellbeing.

This audio programme is designed to guide you to become more aware of these subtle energy centres, and to visualise aligning and balancing the flow of energies, in a way that supports you to be both grounded and connected.

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Love the CD. It’s like being wrapped in a big cuddle …. If I don’t fall asleep (while listening), and concentrate on all the chakras, I notice which ones are more receptive and open. – M.H.W



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